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Special Unit - The Blaster Strategy

on Fri May 19, 2017 6:55 pm
Hi Warriors,
So now you have received a new Special Unit to add to your Academy collection! Make sure however to keep in mind that this is a second Frontline troop, which means that you will always swap between the Drill and The Blaster! Make sure to prepare yourself to use either Special unit by reading other strategy guides! Here is my tips to using The Blaster as efficiently as possible!

  • First you need to search for a 3 x 3 area of enemies with low health. But you need to make sure there is an entrance to the very middle of this area without touching any other enemies.

  • When releasing your attack it is important to make sure the area you have chosen will still allow your fireballs to deal plenty of damage.

  • Also if you want to deal a lot of damage and make your Round worth while, try getting the 3x3 area above other enemies so your Fireballs basically get stuck there.

  • Observe as your Blaster deals heaps of damage to the surrounding troops in that area. Then your Fireballs and Poison eliminate the rest of the remaining enemies.

  • Now you will have cleared heaps of the enemies on your screen. Giving you a much greater chance to get the Chest when it appears!

This can also help get rid of all those enemies behind shields! Can you come up with a better strategy? Share your strategy with all of us!! I hope this helps you get further in your battles!


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