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Quick level ups Strategy

on Sun May 21, 2017 4:25 am
Hey Mayors,
So have any of you needed extra land for a building or two but don't have any more land because it is full? The only way currently to get land is by Leveling Up which can sometimes take a while. Each level up as you progress takes more XP making it harder to get more land. But with this trusty method you can be at ease with leveling up! It may take a while and not be the most effective method but it is definitely as start!

  • First you want to fill up your land with crates. Make sure as much of your land as possible has been taken up, this should only take a few seconds. Make sure to tap on the Crate icon to deliver your crates faster!

  • Now you want to open all of your crates. Make sure that you have not got crates that you bought from the store. Only use crates that you received via delivery.

  • Now because all the houses are of the same level you can merge as many as possible! Once you merge them all once make sure to merge them again and again until there are no more merges to make.

  • That should earn you at least 10 XP when your just starting this trick. It may not sound like much but once you level up and get more land you get more XP. Plus, this trick only takes about 30 seconds to do!

  • If you have heaps of coins and your feeling confident about not wasting them then you can try to buy Tier 2 building crates instead. If you merge with those you will get a lot more XP.

  • Now repeat this over and over until you are satisfied with the amount of XP you have! And as you get more gold make sure to buy Higher tier buildings to merge for great amounts of XP!

I hope this might be a start to a really good XP strategy. If you have any questions about this or don't understand, feel free to comment below. Think you've got a better strategy? Share it with all of us!

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