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Special Unit - Poison Strategy

on Sat May 13, 2017 3:51 pm
Hi Warriors,
Just after you've mastered the Drill a new power up has been introduced to you. Poison, unlocked with a level 3 Academy this unit is very powerful. Everytime you upgrade this unit it gets an added 2 damage. But unlike your regular fireballs, when the Poison unit attacks an enemy it will do normal damage but then leave the enemy poisoned. Once the round is over and all your units have returned to your wall the poison will damage each enemy it has attacked, dealing a decent amount of damage. So what is the most effective way to use Poison? This is how I suggest you should use your poison.

  • You always want to get this unit on top of all your enemies so try find a clearing to the top of the grid or use your drill to get to the top of the grid.

  • When you release your attack make sure it bounces off a wall or enemy before entering the top of the grid in order to keep it there longer.

  • Now all your units will start attacking all the enemies at the top of the grid. However some enemies may still have a tiny bit of life left.

  • Now your poison is released dealing a bit more damage to the enemies, but still they are all below 10 health.

  • Now watch it work like magic! All those enemies with a tiny bit more health would have been attacked by poison at the end of your turn eliminating all of them before they can touch your tower!

This can also help get rid of all those dragons or enemies hiding behind shields! Know of a better way to use Poison? Share all your tips below! Good luck everyone in your battles and enjoy this awesome power!


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