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Special Unit - The Drill Strategy

on Sun May 07, 2017 10:43 am
Hi Warriors,
If any of you have reached Level 10 you will notice that you have unlocked the Magic Well. In the Magic Well you will be rewarded your first power, which is The Drill. You automatically upgrade it to Lv 2 which means it will now do 225 damage. But that means that when it touches enemies it will eliminate (most of them) instantly. Making it a lot harder for your actual Units to deal damage. So here is a little trick I've come to learn about the drill.

  • Make sure when you're aiming to make your units bounce off a wall. Never have your units aiming directly at one enemy. You won't get to do as much damage.

  • Once you released your attack you will notice that the drill will clear a path to the top of the grid. Then your units will go into this area and deal heaps of damage!

  • If you can get your units to the top of the grid using the drill every turn you will find it a lot easier!

If anyone else knows any good tips for the Drill please feel free to share them below! Good luck everyone and enjoy this new power!


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