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Should you buy gold with diamonds?

on Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:41 pm
Hey Warriors,
I'm going to talk about a topic spoken about in most games but for Bouncy Warriors It's a bit different. Should you get an IAP, personally I'd say no but that's only because I like to play games without (not necessarily unfair advantages) but more like boosts. The only problem is if you like to rush games and you want to get in IAP you should really consider a few things.

  • Will I be playing this game for a while or will this purchase go to waste.

  • Do I really need to skip ahead a little bit?

And on top of considering things you should also take note of what I came across without any IAP. A shortage of XP. I recently discovered how hard and long it takes to level up once you get to Level 20, and if you think about it you can only upgrade everything to your Commander Level then you have to wait until you Level Up and then you can unlock more stuff. So if you were to get an IAP and then you MAX all your buildings you will then just keep on waiting until you level up and that would personally be a lot more boring then playing the game without boosts.

But, then again everyone has their own opinion. Personally I would like to get diamonds and not spend them on gold, that way I actually have diamonds and not 0 all the time. If you've got an IAP share it with us and tell us what you are happy for getting it and what you regret about getting it.
The choice is yours Warriors!

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