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FAQ - Answers to common questions

on Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:35 pm
Dear Warriors,
As many of you may or may not have noticed the Help button in the settings scroll down the bottom of the screen we have a small FAQ there but to make things easier I will be repeating those questions and any other unanswered questions to make your gameplay easier right here.

Question - How do I attack?
Tap and drag your finger across the screen in order to direct your aim, then release your finger to launch your attack. Your units will follow your direction of aim so be sure to aim directly at what you want to hit.

Question - Can I cancel an attack?
Yes, if you swipe your finger down on the screen all of your units will be called back. All the units will stop their current attack and return to the wall.

Question - Is the speed of my units the same?
Yes, the speed of every unit is always the same however you can fast forward the attack by holding your finger on the screen after launching your attack. To go back to normal motion simply remove your finger from the screen.

Question - Do all enemies deal the same damage to my wall?
No, the enemies are divided into 3 categories,

  • Basic enemies - These enemies are recognised by having an orange health bar, They each deal 1 damage to your wall.

  • Strong enemies - These enemies are recognised by having a red health bar, They each deal 5 damage to your wall.

  • Boss enemy - Only appearing once every stage these enemies are recognised as taking up 4 grid space, They each will completely destroy your wall.

Question - Can I increase my army size?
Yes, you can increase your army size by upgrading your barracks. Your barracks are located at the middle of the home screen. Once entered you can find the upgrade button at the bottom of the screen. Every upgrade will give you +2 unit slots.

Question - Can I buy more units?
Yes, you can buy or sell all units however you are restricted by your Army size. When you sell a unit you will receive 50% of it's original cost back. You can also only but units that you have unlocked.

Question - Do all of my units do the same damage?
No, every unit that has a different appearence will do a different amount of damage. You unlock new and more powerful units in order to add them to your army.

Question - What is the commander Level for?
In order to purchase an upgrade or unlock a new troop you must be the equivalent level. Example: If you are Level 13 you can get a Level 13 Castle but must level up before you get a Level 14 Castle.

Question - Are the waves fixed?
Yes, as of the 1.1.0 Update we have fixed the stages. Each stage now consists of a total of 21 waves.

Question - How do I gain XP?
Every enemy you eliminate will give XP, however the stronger the enemy the more XP received from the elimination.

Question - How do I gain Gold?
Every enemy you eliminate will give Gold, however the stronger the enemy the more Gold you will receive from the elimination. You can also buy gold from the store for Diamonds.

Question - How do I get Diamonds?
As of right now the only true way to get diamonds is by buying them. However in the future we may implement a enemy that drops a certain amount of diamonds.

Question - How do I access the store?
The store is located on the home screen to the left of your castle. Within the store you can buy gems or buy gold.

Question - How do I unlock new units?
First you have to enter the Barracks from the home screen then scroll down to the next unit you need to unlock. Press the button and the unit will become available to train.

Question - What if a button is grey?
This usually means you don't have the required amount of gold to buy what is being offered or your Commander Level is to low in which case you must level up.

Question - Why don't any troops spawn on round 20?
This round is called "the Peace Round". We have this round in every stage because most players screens may be filled with enemies and so before the boss comes it's good to have an extra round to beat the enemies. However this feature may be changed in the near future.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask we will add them to this list so all players will get to know the answer.
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