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Share your Statistics!

on Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:19 pm
Hello Warriors!
Since it's been rather quiet here on the forums I've decided to start a little get to know everyone topic. And what better then to all share how well we are doing on the game!
So that everyone understands you should share your response as follows:

  • Name

  • Current Stage

  • Player Level

  • Wall HP

  • Troop Capacity

  • Total Damage

So to start this off I'll share my game stats with you. (These are not my actual current stats)

Name - Ash
Current Stage - 88
Player Level - 23
Wall HP - 28
Troop Capacity - 40
Total Damage - 1,053

Now we can give each other tips based on how much more well we know each other.
Keep safe Warriors!
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