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FAQ - Answers to common Questions

on Sun May 21, 2017 5:02 am
Dear Mayors,
Unlike Bouncy Warriors in Merge Town there is no help section or anywhere to find help about the game. So this could leave new players very confused. We have decided to make that easier for all players by putting together a FAQ so that you can understand everything you need to know just by reading this one post.

Question - How do I merge buildings?
Tap and hold on the building you want to merge, now drag it to the building you want to merge it with. When you release your finger the feast of the work is done for you. The two buildings will merge and the outcome will be left in the square you dragged your building to.

Question - How do I get crates?
The Crate icon located next to the shop icon will show you how long until your next Crate. This is usually ten seconds however you can shorten this time by tapping on the crates icon to speed up the delivery process. Once the time is up you will see a Crate land in a random grid on your screen. Press the Crate to open it.

Question - The crates icon says it is full?
Do not worry, this is completely normal. When you are not receiving anymore crates, the Crate icon is not loading up or the Crate icon has the word full underneath it, this means that you need to clear up space on your land in order to receive your next Crate. To clear space simply merge a building.

Question - How do the buildings give me coins?
All the buildings are decided into tiers. These tiers can be noticed by the change in graphics of the building or by the change of its name. Each tier gives you a different amount of coins per min. Having duplicate tiers will earn you twice the money because it is two seperate buildings earning you cash.

Question - How do I Level up?
Leveling up is very easy. With every merge you make you will earn a certain amount of XP. When you merge Tier 1 buildings to Tier 2 you will get 1XP. This means when you merge Tier 10 buildings to Tier 11 you will get 10XP.

Question - How do I get more land?
There is only one way to get more land and that is to Level Up. You will be lucky enough to start with 5 blocks of land. Every time you level up you will receive one extra block of land to work with, so make sure to use it wisely.

Question - How can I find this 'Shop'?
All you need to do is press the large red icon with a symbol of a shopping cart. This will bring a slide down screen with the shop. You can scroll through to see look at a selection of buildings to purchase. To exit the shop simply click the same red button.

Question - What do I do with coins?
Coins are the currency used to buy buildings. Located in the shop you can use your Coins to instantly buy any Tier building that you have unlocked.

Question - How do I buy buildings?
First, tap on the shop button that will take you to the shop. Then scroll through the selection of buildings until you find the building you want. Once you find the building you want, select the button green 'Buy' button to the right. You will then be taken back to your town where the building will be instantly delivered to you in a Crate. Tap the Crate to open it.

Question - How do I gain Coins?
Buildings. They are key to the success of your town. Each building you have will add coins to your total value. You can then use these coins to buy more buildings.

Question - How do I know how much coins I am getting per minute?
In the top right corner of your screen you will see on your coins bar a symbol of a coin next to / min. And below that there will be a value. This value is the amount of coins you are getting each minute.

Question - Do I get coins while I am gone?
Yes, you do get coins while you are gone however you get them almost 10% slower then you usually do. Plus after 3 hours of not being on the app it no longer collects coins for you. You will have to log on, then receive your coins to reset the automated offline coin collection.

Question - What if a button is grey? What if it has a locked symbol?
This usually means you don't have the required amount of gold to buy what is being offered to you. This means that you have not yet discovered the building and are not allowed to buy it.

Question - I've unlocked the building, I even have it in my town, but it's still locked in the shop?
Do not think that your game is broke because it is not. This is simply the way the game works. It has been strategically made so you can only purchase a build in the shop 5 tiers lower than the current building you just unlocked. This is to make gameplay more fun and make the game a lot more interesting.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask we will add them to this list so all players will get to know the answer.

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