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Version 1.7.0 - The Treasurey and Chests

on Tue May 09, 2017 9:55 pm
Dear Warriors,
Today we released a new version of Bouncy Warriors 1.7.0

  • Amazing lush new visuals! Enjoy your gameplay even more with amazing new visuals with great vibrancy and full of colours.

  • The buildings have been Changed! Now enjoy the new Treasury, Laboratory and Academy. The wall still remains the same.

  • Chest reward system! You can now win chests from your battles! Complete your battle to win the key and open it immediately or grab your chest, leave your battle then wait for your key to be forged! Each chest contains a Fireball along with some Gold and Diamonds!

  • Fireballs! The wizards have decided to give up and spells and forge fireballs instead! Enjoy the new fireballs to help you eliminate the enemies!

  • The Laboratory! This building allows you to upgrade Fireballs found from chests! You can collect 20 Frontline fireballs and 20 Backline fireballs!

  • Removed Buildings: The Shop. This building has been removed but not entirely. Instead it will now be accessed from a button in the bottom right corner of the game!

  • The Treasurey! Any chests that you can't instantly get the key to unlock are stored in your treasurey. This is where the keys are forged to unlock chests.

More bugs have been tackled in this latest update that prevented all of a players fireballs to appear on the screen during an attack. Enjoy all these new features and continue your battles!


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