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Gameplay Idea - Events

on Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:34 pm
Hey Warriors,
Today I have another great idea! Events! Much like my 'Tournaments' Events will run for 3 days and begin at the start of every week 12pm. When you enter the event you will be taken to a special campaign scene that looks much alike the normal main menu except with a few added things.

How will it work?
The events will consist of 1,000 Players each (The prizes would be big) then each player would have 3 days to get to the highest stage possible. Instead of collecting Gold you would collecting a different currency that you would use to upgrade your 'Event' items. But with every new event all your event items get reset to the defaults.

  • Barracks- Lv 1

  • Wall - Lv 1

The only thing that will remain is your Commander Level. This will make it a bit more fair since you must 'reset' every event but don't worry, entering an event will not remove your actual progress. All you do from the main screen in the event is click the back button and you will go straight back to the normal home screen.

Also, any XP you earn during an event (when you eliminate enemies) will go towards a Ranking system that will put in you in a certain division. Then when a Leaderboard is introduced to show all the best places (ranked by furthest stage) you will also see their Event rank!
So! What are your thoughts? Did you understand or is there anything I should clear up? Feel free to share your opinions!
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