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Gameplay Idea - XP Balance

on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:40 pm
Hey Warriors,
This topic is based more for players Lv 20+ If you're any lower you probably won't understand as well but still feel free to read. I've noticed as time progresses how we need a very large amount of XP to Level Up, but when we were Level 10 - 19 it was very well balanced. You would level up every 7 - 8 Stages and in that amount of time you would either just get enough gold to upgrade everything or still need more, this is good because it makes the gameplay more enjoyable. However once you reach Level 20, it takes at least 20 - 25 Stages to Level up, and that is only if you win 20 - 25 times in a row, otherwise it takes far too long.

I think that XP should either increase in larger amounts as you progress stages or it should be way less XP to level up. The new level to unlock everything is 50 and if it's taking 25 stages at only Level 20 you would have to be higher than Stage 500 to be Level 50. Currently I'm Level 25 on stage 128 and it takes far too long to Level up.

As always this is just an idea. Please share your thoughts and join into the conversation. Keep your walls defended Warriors!

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