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Enemy Idea - The Guard

on Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:49 pm
Hey Warriors,
Just recently we had our big 1.2.0 Update and so now I've thought of a really good troop we could add for the 1.3.0!

Name: The Guard
Class: Enemy
Appearance: Normal enemy look with chain armour and a shield on 1/3 of his face.
Attacks: He does not attack during turns.
Health: A Basic Enemies health (Shield) + A Strong Enemies Health
When Killed: He will drop A bit more gold than a strong enemy
When reached Wall: He will just hit your wall dealing 5 damage like any other Strong enemy.
Extra Info: If you destroy all the Hp his shield has any other units that hit him during that turn will not inflict any damage. At the end of the turn the shield will break allowing you to now eliminate the Enemy, Appears in Stage 50+, Only 1 - 2 can appear in the lane and they will appear on stage 15.

I think this enemy would make the gameplay more challenging but also more rewarding! As always please share your thoughts!

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